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Thursday, August 17, 2017


In this TIME period, that we live, more and more families are left in destitute.
Individuals lose their jobs or lost a mate in divorce or death and unable to meet their living requirements thus fall into a depressed state, thinking there is no hope.
I can attest to my environment of not able to find work, loss of large sums of money and the ability to develop where I was that led to feeling hopeless or even worthless to an extent.

But there are opportunities, you only need to search for it.
I personally encountered amazing success with great future prospects when I took to care about my feelings, health and habits with a change in attitude. I relate to how you feel so make the choice to eat well so you regain your energy. Sleep well so you can be alert to the Energy of Tony Robbins because he inspires you to breathe in new life. The amazing talents of Jack Canfield whom I got the opportunity to write a book with. And the courage of Brian Tracy, that anything is possible. Learn from them and get Illuminated by their vision. I am busy writing my 9th book because I was inspired to bring out the best in me. And so can YOU!