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Sunday, August 13, 2017

FACILITATE - How Charlize Theron made her Goal Process easier

We at times are given opportunities but because we are in fear of new or the unexpected, we tend to overanalyze the situation. It brings forth all negative aspects that allow room to decline what could have propelled our career or brought about life changes.
Take Charlize Theron for example. She is a fellow South African who had no chance of a career in her home country but she took the challenge to launch an international career as a model.
She was discovered while fighting with the bank manager who refused to cash an out of state check and was handed a card by an agent with the opportunity to learn American English, which she did.

Persistence kept her going until eight months later landed her first small role that led to a successful career as an Award Winning Actress. Never dismiss any window opportunities since it could lead to doors being opened for you.

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