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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


As Authors, we need to step up our game and its a complete mindset in "Training our Brain" to be the best in our Industry. We should be willing to collaborate and it reminded me when I invest in myself, not only do I take it more seriously, but the quality of people I work with is an asset to my credibility.
Dan Sullivan said, "Your eyes only see and your ears only hear what your brain is looking for". That quote, says a lot about your subconscious and the way your mind really works. It constantly looks for what you tell it to look for. The things that we focus on expands in our minds, and we have to actively train our brain, and we have to continue to dream big. I started seeing opportunities everywhere that could help me get where I wanted to go.
If you want to be able to see something you have to get into a state of creativity, dream big and set goals. The more you plan and goal-set and dream, the more your brain starts looking for ways to connect the dots. Opportunities suddenly become stepping-stones on the pathway to achieving your dream.   

Thursday, June 14, 2018


To me, my Family takes priority, then my Love-life, Spirituality, Life-improvement skills and lastly, my business. Money never weighs above your life being in complete balance because we cannot be truly happy without love!
If we feel good about ourselves, a willing spirit to be a Giver arrives and our consciousness of sharing become an awareness. When I Co-Author "Mastering The Art Of Success" with Jack Canfield,  I wrote the inscription, "By means of their God-Given talent, they build others up to succeed". And both Jack and I signed my personal copy since it serves as a reminder of a promise to myself that my goal intent is to be a Giver like Jack had inspired me as a mentor. My Brand is to "Inspire Dreams"

Bill Gates asked an online question: What would you take if you had a choice?
"A million Dollars or 1 years training with him"!
Although many responded to taking the money, I, however, thought that 1 years training would be far more valuable to me because I could help millions more with his priceless advice and mentorship. Why would an opportunity like that not be worth lessons of far more importance?
We need to be responsible so that people take us seriously since respect is earned and when we share, our lives are filled with purpose and meaning.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Summer revive the emotions of fun, sun, great food and happiness.
The awareness of your body in shape and in my case, a killer trainer whose goal it is to awaken muscles that I forgot existed. But thinking about that extra scoop of Italian ice cream I am able to enjoy makes the hard work all worthwhile and inspire my motivation.
Travelling around Europe in recent months, we got to be part of a young dreamer with an amazing story that anything is possible #nettabarzi won #eurovision2018 in Portugal. Along with other young stars, they brought the arena alive with music and amazing fun. And I felt honoured to shake the hand of a young artist Sora Cha (Cover Name) whose work has a flair for fantasy and his virtual image paintings were interesting. It was his first exhibition at the Gloria Theatre downtown Helsinki and I will always remember this boy's happy face when he received flowers from a Japanese girl who appreciated his raw talent.

Travelling broadens our expectations and encourage new ideas and concepts to explore. Life is all about happiness and the joy of living it well. I inspire people to follow their dreams and there is no better way than to explore creativity in this world that we can contribute towards no matter how inconsequential we think it is. For me, travelling to incredible destinations is more than just the excitement. It opens my heart and mind and I love the experience of people, cultures and something new to learn. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


 You will achieve nothing without a Solid Foundation. To create your Base for Success, you need a complete change of ATTITUDE. It is after all your Responsibility to take control of your life and secure your future. My success did not come without hard work, sacrifices or "Strategic Thinking".

If you do not strategically invest in yourself, you are already failing because the Best-Selling Authors/Entrepreneurs had invested decades in knowledge, financial opportunities and strategic collaborations to gain advances. I take the liberty to bare my soul how I had wasted my time and money on Empty Promises and outright SCAMS in the industry who creates package deals to "Rip Us Off".  Don't complain! SUCCESS Is The Best PAYBACK.

Since 2006 I had invested $98 000,00 with earnings from a small business to create my dream life, only to get trapped like all of you out there who thinks that our hard earned money will support the dream we desire. Only $41 000,00 of that total went to the real investment opportunities and the rest was a complete loss I had to write off and move on. Since I now know who the right and real Collaborations and Connections are, I teach my Clients the straightforward methods and fast-track them to only invest into projects that will lead to "Making Money" with what they already have.

I eat well, drink lots of water, do exercise and sleep 7 to 8 hours to secure good health and energy.
Your Psychology or mindset is important so, I meditate and go on walks to clear my head or think over offers I have received. I listen to my favourite music and make ME-TIME. Appearance is important to improve self-motivation and regular Reading to stimulate the mind is a major key. My family was influenced by the same methods I gained success from and I am Proud that we are spiritually principled, and that had crown our lives with humility that gained me the Respect of all my connections who want to work with me. I am Focused because what you Think and Wish can become your reality. I am finally happy, living with LOVE, JOY and Great Success with my Family in Balance. I constantly receive new offers and you can get there too!   


Monday, April 2, 2018

My Dreams, My Reality

Over the past twelve years, I came to realize how important it was to position yourself well and transition from a writer to an Author/Entrepreneur.
Of course, the first two years was a complete waste of my time, listening to online complaints and far too many negatives. Once I removed myself from those attitudes and Focused on what I wished to accomplish, I became a student and researched, improved my skill and found the right influences of like-minded individuals.

I invested in myself and learned how to connect with incredible collaborations. It is almost impossible to find an Agent, and without one, you cannot get amazing publishing deals. There are even less of a chance to get into the Hollywood movie market where 80% of books finds its way and yet, this is where I am today! So, be wise and connect with those who can support you with making your dreams a reality.   Follow:   Like:   Follow:  

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


It was only until I came to Understand who I was and what I needed, did I comprehend that Love does not hurt but loving the wrong person does. I realized that I was my greatest investment and resort to self-care. I changed my attitude towards eating well, studying myself and reading to improve a better me.
Every sacrifice I made became worth its weight in gold and fully evolved. My past did not give me what I want but it showed me what I deserved. A mindset of a person's character is their currency, that developed a true sense of value with the principles I lived by. My husband and I fully respect and are grateful for what we had achieved because we showed interest in each other's dream to fully understand and support each other.
A flower does not compete with another flower, it just blooms. The secret behind my smile is my heart that shines because I am truly loved.

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