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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


It was only until I came to Understand who I was and what I needed, did I comprehend that Love does not hurt but loving the wrong person does. I realized that I was my greatest investment and resort to self-care. I changed my attitude towards eating well, studying myself and reading to improve a better me.
Every sacrifice I made became worth its weight in gold and fully evolved. My past did not give me what I want but it showed me what I deserved. A mindset of a person's character is their currency, that developed a true sense of value with the principles I lived by. My husband and I fully respect and are grateful for what we had achieved because we showed interest in each other's dream to fully understand and support each other.
A flower does not compete with another flower, it just blooms. The secret behind my smile is my heart that shines because I am truly loved.

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Monday, October 23, 2017


What is the Value of Marriage in today's world?
It seems to be easier to walk away and use anyone as an excuse to make one or the other have the upper hand. I had been through a divorce and I understand the games people are willing to play with each other's lives, just to win. But who really is the loser?

My marriage is not perfect and heaven only knows, I am a perfectionist but, I am married to the man perfect for me. Do not get me wrong, I know every little flaw and weakness he possesses but you will never hear them from me! We had decided to take 100% Responsibility for our relationship, our happiness, our family, and to be the best partners. That takes communication and trust. If anyone as much as looking at another person, they had already committed adultery in their hearts. Many do not understand that serious implement and the strong regard of disrespect for their marriage.

My life took a strong root of what was important and it is the reason why we work. My husband and I are passionate creatures and love the beauty of being in love so we enjoy our lives together. We are a team and are a "Power Couple" who constantly work on our future. Life is not easy but persistently pursuing our dreams makes it all worthwhile.    Follow:    Like:   Follow:  

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


We would like to accomplish things to have a Legacy that shows that we lived a great life. It is the Givers who Shine because they care about sharing and teaching to benefit others.
A full life means that you had become the person you never thought you could be and added your life experiences for others to realize what they can do to improve themselves.

The world is plagued with Poverty, Hardships, Violence, Abuse and Diseases.
It had become more, a matter of Survival with wars dispersing Families in search of a better life.
People are facing terror with no place to rest since they need to flee and it is a wakeup call that we need a reality check. More and More People need HELP so it is encouraging to be an Inspiration and much more rewarding to create a Smile.

My Desire to Contribute Is HOPE.
My Inspiration Is Sharing my KNOWLEDGE.
My Wish is to Encourage READING since it can Improve Life.
My CHARITY Offer "MEMORIES" To Support Those In Need.
TeamWork Makes The Dream Work. 

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

CELEBRITYPRESS PUBLISHING, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy - Relevant

So many Authors and Entrepreneurs ask me each day, How I got published, an agent or recognized? Now, I cannot tell you what to do, nor can I give you an Agent or a Publisher. But I can tell you, What I Did, And Still, do to Improve myself.

Whatever bad experiences you had encountered in the past, they are Irrelevant. YOU, on the other hand, Are Relevant! Nothing will ever change unless you do. So LISTEN UP!
Educate yourself and be willing to invest in your business and yourself with a complete change of Attitude. I did The Success Principles, The Bestseller Blueprint, And currently on offer, Breakthrough To Success with Jack Canfield

Brian Tracy's The Success Blueprint, Sales / Business Training programs, The 12 Step Goal-Setting Guide. And both Jack and Brian has FREE Resources in video training available.

Celebrity Press has a magnificent Team of experts in various areas to develop, and sky-rocket your Name, Brand or business.
It is through the right connections that we find our Purpose, grow in talent and skills and learn how to inspire others. It was also through these training and connections that I was chosen to write the book, "Mastering The Art Of Success" with Jack Canfield.

The book contains Chapters of  The World's Leading Entrepreneurs who share their God-Given talent to Inspire you to the best you can be.
To Your Success. I know these support will be life changing.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Facebook is a great way to get exposure as never possible before.
Mark is a formidable example - Be Determined in following through on your Goals since DREAMS are Real if you are Consistently pursuing them.

Fear Is On The Other Side Of Success.

Only if you are willing to make Sacrifices and Invest in yourself, will you be open to see Opportunities and seize them.
Take Action TODAY, What are you waiting for?????
The Greatest Gift you can give to truly being yourself.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


In this TIME period, that we live, more and more families are left in destitute.
Individuals lose their jobs or lost a mate in divorce or death and unable to meet their living requirements thus fall into a depressed state, thinking there is no hope.
I can attest to my environment of not able to find work, loss of large sums of money and the ability to develop where I was that led to feeling hopeless or even worthless to an extent.

But there are opportunities, you only need to search for it.
I personally encountered amazing success with great future prospects when I took to care about my feelings, health and habits with a change in attitude. I relate to how you feel so make the choice to eat well so you regain your energy. Sleep well so you can be alert to the Energy of Tony Robbins because he inspires you to breathe in new life. The amazing talents of Jack Canfield whom I got the opportunity to write a book with. And the courage of Brian Tracy, that anything is possible. Learn from them and get Illuminated by their vision. I am busy writing my 9th book because I was inspired to bring out the best in me. And so can YOU!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

FACILITATE - How Charlize Theron made her Goal Process easier

We at times are given opportunities but because we are in fear of new or the unexpected, we tend to overanalyze the situation. It brings forth all negative aspects that allow room to decline what could have propelled our career or brought about life changes.
Take Charlize Theron for example. She is a fellow South African who had no chance of a career in her home country but she took the challenge to launch an international career as a model.
She was discovered while fighting with the bank manager who refused to cash an out of state check and was handed a card by an agent with the opportunity to learn American English, which she did.

Persistence kept her going until eight months later landed her first small role that led to a successful career as an Award Winning Actress. Never dismiss any window opportunities since it could lead to doors being opened for you.

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