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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Summer revive the emotions of fun, sun, great food and happiness.
The awareness of your body in shape and in my case, a killer trainer whose goal it is to awaken muscles that I forgot existed. But thinking about that extra scoop of Italian ice cream I am able to enjoy makes the hard work all worthwhile and inspire my motivation.
Travelling around Europe in recent months, we got to be part of a young dreamer with an amazing story that anything is possible #nettabarzi won #eurovision2018 in Portugal. Along with other young stars, they brought the arena alive with music and amazing fun. And I felt honoured to shake the hand of a young artist Sora Cha (Cover Name) whose work has a flair for fantasy and his virtual image paintings were interesting. It was his first exhibition at the Gloria Theatre downtown Helsinki and I will always remember this boy's happy face when he received flowers from a Japanese girl who appreciated his raw talent.

Travelling broadens our expectations and encourage new ideas and concepts to explore. Life is all about happiness and the joy of living it well. I inspire people to follow their dreams and there is no better way than to explore creativity in this world that we can contribute towards no matter how inconsequential we think it is. For me, travelling to incredible destinations is more than just the excitement. It opens my heart and mind and I love the experience of people, cultures and something new to learn. 

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