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Thursday, June 14, 2018


To me, my Family takes priority, then my Love-life, Spirituality, Life-improvement skills and lastly, my business. Money never weighs above your life being in complete balance because we cannot be truly happy without love!
If we feel good about ourselves, a willing spirit to be a Giver arrives and our consciousness of sharing become an awareness. When I Co-Author "Mastering The Art Of Success" with Jack Canfield,  I wrote the inscription, "By means of their God-Given talent, they build others up to succeed". And both Jack and I signed my personal copy since it serves as a reminder of a promise to myself that my goal intent is to be a Giver like Jack had inspired me as a mentor. My Brand is to "Inspire Dreams"

Bill Gates asked an online question: What would you take if you had a choice?
"A million Dollars or 1 years training with him"!
Although many responded to taking the money, I, however, thought that 1 years training would be far more valuable to me because I could help millions more with his priceless advice and mentorship. Why would an opportunity like that not be worth lessons of far more importance?
We need to be responsible so that people take us seriously since respect is earned and when we share, our lives are filled with purpose and meaning.  

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