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Monday, April 2, 2018

My Dreams, My Reality

Over the past twelve years, I came to realize how important it was to position yourself well and transition from a writer to an Author/Entrepreneur.
Of course, the first two years was a complete waste of my time, listening to online complaints and far too many negatives. Once I removed myself from those attitudes and Focused on what I wished to accomplish, I became a student and researched, improved my skill and found the right influences of like-minded individuals.

I invested in myself and learned how to connect with incredible collaborations. It is almost impossible to find an Agent, and without one, you cannot get amazing publishing deals. There are even less of a chance to get into the Hollywood movie market where 80% of books finds its way and yet, this is where I am today! So, be wise and connect with those who can support you with making your dreams a reality.   Follow:   Like:   Follow:  

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