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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


We would like to accomplish things to have a Legacy that shows that we lived a great life. It is the Givers who Shine because they care about sharing and teaching to benefit others.
A full life means that you had become the person you never thought you could be and added your life experiences for others to realize what they can do to improve themselves.

The world is plagued with Poverty, Hardships, Violence, Abuse and Diseases.
It had become more, a matter of Survival with wars dispersing Families in search of a better life.
People are facing terror with no place to rest since they need to flee and it is a wakeup call that we need a reality check. More and More People need HELP so it is encouraging to be an Inspiration and much more rewarding to create a Smile.

My Desire to Contribute Is HOPE.
My Inspiration Is Sharing my KNOWLEDGE.
My Wish is to Encourage READING since it can Improve Life.
My CHARITY Offer "MEMORIES" To Support Those In Need.
TeamWork Makes The Dream Work. 

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