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Monday, October 23, 2017


What is the Value of Marriage in today's world?
It seems to be easier to walk away and use anyone as an excuse to make one or the other have the upper hand. I had been through a divorce and I understand the games people are willing to play with each other's lives, just to win. But who really is the loser?

My marriage is not perfect and heaven only knows, I am a perfectionist but, I am married to the man perfect for me. Do not get me wrong, I know every little flaw and weakness he possesses but you will never hear them from me! We had decided to take 100% Responsibility for our relationship, our happiness, our family, and to be the best partners. That takes communication and trust. If anyone as much as looking at another person, they had already committed adultery in their hearts. Many do not understand that serious implement and the strong regard of disrespect for their marriage.

My life took a strong root of what was important and it is the reason why we work. My husband and I are passionate creatures and love the beauty of being in love so we enjoy our lives together. We are a team and are a "Power Couple" who constantly work on our future. Life is not easy but persistently pursuing our dreams makes it all worthwhile.    Follow:    Like:   Follow:  

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